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Learn About Google Display Network (GDN)

Search Engine Marketing is one method to get your customers to your business website. A lesser known digital marketing method is using Google Display Network or GDN in short that is also found in Google Adwords. 

In this article, we will introduce the basic fundamentals of GDN including ad locations and targeting. 

Google Display Network (GDN) – What exactly is this?

GDN is a system reaching more than 2 million websites and about 90% of internet users around the world. GDN gets your ads to targeted audiences around the world and works differently from search engine marketing.

You will be able to reach users when they watch videos, play games or even when they open their emails. The ability of the ads to reach your potential audience early when they are just in the early stages of the buying cycle is key to such ads. This can be at stages where your potential customers are doing research, making comparisons or when they don’t even know of your service.

Google Display Network vs. Search Network

Google Display Network

Google Adwords has two different advertising networks: Search and Display.

Google’s Search Network enables you to place ads on Google’s search engine where you reach users as they search for specific keywords and phrases. These show up within Google’s organic search content.

The Display Network, on the other hand, is a little more passive. It integrates your ads into carefully chosen websites, where it can reach users while they shop, browse or read.

It has the advantage of allowing visual and rich media ads instead of plain text ads in search. This is a big advantage as almost 90% of all information the brain processes visual. 

Google Display Network Ad Locations

The Google Display Network spans across more than 2 million websites worldwide but your ads are not going to be shown on all websites. 

Google has its own sites such as YouTube, Blogger, etc.; AdSense publisher sites, which website managers can sign up to participate in; and sites that participate in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, an online ad marketplace.

While you could run your Google Display Network ads across any and all of these groups, that’s not going to deliver the highest ROI in the end. For the best results, you must be very selective about which Google Display Network sites your ads run on.

This can be done using the method listed below:

1) Hand-pick your domains

Called “managed placements,” this feature allows you to designate the specific websites, games, videos, feeds and mobile sites on which your ads will appear.

This is a great method if you know your potential target audience’s habits and activities. You are also saving precious ad dollars on the exact placements you know will deliver results. 

For instance, if you market automotive accessories and know that your potential customers will read an automotive magazine or use an automotive website, running ads on these sites will ensure you are seen by your desired audience.

2) Let Google pick placements for you

This is not as hands-on but offers convenience and optimisation over time. Google Adwords can pick and choose placements on your behalf.

Simply designate keywords and topics that relate to your ad and Google Adwords chooses the sites most relevant to those.

Using this method requires a lot more time optimising and you must be prepared too tweak your targeting to deliver the best results. 

Ad placements are important but not the only option you have when using GDN ads. You can pick and choose your target audience by targeting certain demographics, geographic locations and many more. 

3. Blocking Mobile App Placements on GDN is recommended

An important point to note for all advertisers with a limited advertising budget on Google Adwords. Mobile placements should be avoided if you are a novice in GDN as they typically do not convert well. It requires a time-consuming amount of effort to test and should be blocked if you are not familiar with it. This is best left to the professionals working in digital marketing agencies. 

Still can’t find the time or don’t know how to get your search and display network advertisements? Professional digital marketing agencies will handle all aspects of digital marketing work for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring inhouse. 

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