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growing together with you

Start Small,
Think Big,
Build Deep

Reimagining digital strategies and business model approaches.
We are gowing a garden

Seeding the digital landscape to enhance businesses

and staying curious, always!

Mustard Seed Digital Marketing Agency is a specialized social media team based in Singapore started by a group of passionate social media marketing advocates.

Our agency name is inspired by the tiny mustard seed that grows to be the greatest garden plant among all herbs.

Our team is made up of digital marketing experts who have won awards in social media marketing, content marketing, content strategy, brand awareness, media strategy, and marketer of the year.


Meet our team of digital planters

Terry Lim


Francisco Villaneuva

Director of Business Development

Reeve Chua

Account Director

Ashleynawi Ismail

Creative Director

Monique Dimple A Zeng


Ready to work with us?
They had a clear understanding of the barriers and huddles faced and provided multi-tiered solutions to resolve the multi-facets issues on ground
Louis Lau
A'cross Saviour
What we love most about Mustard Seed Digital is that they don’t just do what we ask verbatim. They ask questions to get to the root of our goals, offering direction and a proactive strategy.
Simon Joshua
Mustard Seed Digital is extremely responsive and creative. It’s like having our own in-house strategy team. They understand digital, and they help us get it all done.
Jessica G.
oh hello you
digital. Made Simple.
Connecting you directly with your target audience. Ask us about digital, strategy and storytelling.