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We will only send emails from our official email domain – @mustardseedigital.com. We do not send unsolicited phone or chat messages from an overseas number (and why would we since we are a Singapore-based company 🤷🏻)

We never seek payment of fees or promise any cash rewards

Payment of fees for job seekers? We would never do that. Get unbelievable cash rewards by answering a survey? We are not in the business of unsolicited surveys. Please verify with us at our contact email if in doubt 🤔💭

We never ask for sensitive data

We do not store and collect any personal data on this website. We will never for any sensitive data related to bank details like OTP, Pin etc. 🙅🏻‍♀️

What should you do?

If you receive any suspicious mail, message or call using our name, and have fears that your personal data have been obtained through illegal means, please report to the relevant authorities. 🚨