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SEM allows your business to be discovered whenever your target audience searches for products or services that you offer. You are reaching them when they are at the consideration or ready-to-purchase stage. This means that you will be getting much higher quality leads as they are in the advanced stages of decision making.

Mustard Seed Digital has a strong track record of achieving optimum SEM results. With meticulous tracking and analysis of Google data, we will help your business get discovered.

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We know that it is difficult to compete against the giants in your industry — hey, we’ve been there before! So we have made it our mission to help you build your brand and improve your business. Talk to us for custom collaborative strategies for your search engine marketing and let's get the word out on your business and services.

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Digital Strategy

We will work with you to create a digital marketing roadmap to achieve your business objectives. Our services will include creating your visual identity & persona, understanding your customer journey, establishing content pillars & themes and more.


Paid Social Advertising

Amplify reach and impact with paid social advertising. This is the most targeted form of advertising, enabling you to reach your target audience based on their profile, behaviour and interests. We will analyse your business to maximise your advertising investments through monitoring, reporting and recommendations.

Social Listening

Gain valuable insights by tracking and analysing online mentions around your brand. Social listening allows you to track conversations across social platforms and digital publications to provide insights into people’s perceptions and sentiments

Content Development

Communicate your brand values through content that resonates with your audience. Each post should fulfill a specific objective and purpose. Different content formats offer variety and optimise message effectiveness

Influencer Marketing

Engage content creators to reach your audience organically via word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers today trust the opinions of peers and networks over brands touting their own products.

Search Engine Marketing

49% of users use Google to discover or find a new item or product. Let potential customers find you when they search for a product or service. The chances to convert are high when customers are in search mode as most are ready to purchase


Community Management

Modern consumers wants to engage with brands directly on social media. Take this opportunity to build personal relationships with them through meaningful and timely interactions via social platforms


Comparative Audit

Analyse, compare and benchmark your social media performance against the competition to refine your strategy. Performing an in-depth comparative audit relative to your competitors will show how you are faring, what’s working and areas for improvement. We will work with you in strategy formulation.

Mustard Seed was very responsive and prompt in addressing our requests and various needs. They were also flexible and adaptable to changing deadlines. It was easy and fuss- free to work with the team.
Michelle Tan
Asst Director, Comms, Design Singapore Council
What we love most about Mustard Seed Digital is that they don’t just do what we ask verbatim. They ask questions to get to the root of our goals, offering direction and a proactive strategy.
Simon Joshua
Mustard Seed Digital is extremely responsive and creative. It’s like having our own in-house strategy team. They understand digital, and they help us get it all done.
Jessica G.

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